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Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

When considering whether you need search engine optimization, there are a few easy questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you really need to optimize your Web site or not.

Quite often, Web site owners feel their web site is performing fine. That may be the case, but if you don’t have a presence on the search engines, you may be missing out on the opportunity to extend your reach on the Internet.  This could translate into hundreds or thousands of sales, leads or whatever your Web site is aiming to achieve.

So, ask yourself the following questions to decide if your Web site needs to be optimized for the search engines:

Do I have a website?
Yes, in many ways it is as simple as this. Most, if not all, Web sites need search engine optimization to be found for the most important search terms / keywords to your business. You can be sure that if you decide not to optimize your web site, your competition will.

Where does my traffic come from?
Look at your Web site’s analytics to see who refers traffic to your Web site (don’t have analytics? Contact us and we’ll get your Web site’s analytics up and running in no time). No doubt you’ll see direct or bookmarked visits near the top. But do you get a significant percentage of your traffic from the search engines? You should. Now you need to understand how you are found in the search engines, which leads to the next question.

What search terms / keywords are used to find my site in the search engines?
Another easy look-up in your web site’s analytical program. What search terms / keywords did visitors use to reach your Web site from the search engines? While many users will find your Web site through searches for your company name or employees, what you really want to see is that visitors find your site through searches for other valuable terms and keywords for your business, such as those that describe your products or services. If you are already running an AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing campaign, you’ll have to separate the organic vs. paid clicks.

Is your Web site being found within the first three pages of the top search engines for the most valuable search terms / keywords?
Research shows that very few users search past the first three pages of the search engine results. Actually, very few even go past the first page. If you don’t have a presence for your terms in these pages, you’re not getting in front of the most valuable and targeted prospective customers. Use SERPs rank checking tool to see how your Web site ranks in Google and Bing / Yahoo. Keep in mind, the first page is positions 1-10, the second page is 11-20 and the third page is 21-30.

Do most of your Web site’s visitors leave immediately or do they navigate around?
This is another metric that can be found through your Web site’s analytics. If most visitors leave immediately, you might not be getting your website in front of the right audience. Search engine optimization will help get your Web site in front of your target audience exactly at the time when they are looking for the product or services you offer!

If any of your answers to the above questions reflect the need for search engine optimization, give us a call. We’ll walk through the important factors of achieving top rankings, our approach to the search engine optimization process, and the results and ROI you can expect from your program.

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