Why Meta Tags Should be Used and why Description Tags are Important

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Why Meta Tags Should be Used and why Description Tags are Important

What is Meta description tag and its effect on Search Engines
The meta description tag is an html attribute of meta tag used to add description about html pages, that description is very commonly used by search engines in search results to show summary of web pages.

How meta description tag is used in html documents?
Meta description tags are placed inside head section of an html document and tag’s syntax.

What others say about meta description tag?
The debate is on, whether description tag adds value to search engine optimization or not? While it’s very clear that description tags adds no value in getting high page rank. While search engine optimization is not only the process of getting high page rank at all, on the other hand search engine optimization is the process of making other 200+ activities count so that search engines, your followers, visitors and social media can trust upon your website/blog.

What Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, said about description tags.
Matt Cutts, cleared that Google adds no value to description tags and also if we don’t use, Google will pick it up for us from our page content but still used in search results.

Why description tags should be used
Though Google or other search engines adds no value in giving us high PageRank or in showing our web page in search results, description tags are still important because we can get boost in click through rates if description tags used wisely.

Social media and description tag.
How many times you shared an article or post through social media? If you realized, descriptions are also used there, to give your friends, family or anyone you are sharing with a concise summary that what this article is all about. So, it comes really handy and chances of high clicks depend directly with description tag.

How long your description should be?
You can choose any length you want, but point to keep in mind is that search engines show only first 150 to 160 characters in search results, remember these are characters, not words.

Description tags can eliminate your advertisement needs.
If your description is appealing and chosen wisely then you don’t need to pay extra bucks to advertisers. Yeah, its true the description tag works as your page advertisement, so it must be chosen with care and try to capture your target keywords in description tags as well.

Description tags add no value in gaining PageRank, although it does provide high amounts of click through rates. Since we want people coming to our business always use description tags in your web pages and also add unique description for your every page to get the best results.

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