How Title Tags Effect Search Engine Optimization

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How Title Tags Effect Search Engine Optimization

Page titles are the very first impressions that are portrayed on your website. They’re seen not just by your audience, but also on search engines. To add a page title we use html title <title></title> tag, anything between title tag is placed as our page title. Thus, that title will be visible at the top of our browser window, top on our page, in search results and anywhere we use that page our title will be used as our page name (it helps visitors remember our page by its company name as well). A good researched page title can influence your conversion rate to a great extent while badly selected page title may lead towards failure of your page at all.

Do page titles matter in search engine optimization?
Yes, page title really matters in search engine optimization. Matt Cutts, Google’s engineer says, “titles really matters in search results”. But how? Wait, I will explain. Any page we see on the internet is uniquely titled, maybe there are very similar page titles but Google wants that every page title should be unique and so can be indexed for that particular content to which it points. Search engines indexes websites by following different techniques, one of these techniques is page title. Keywords in title are taken as keys and content of that page is taken as actual content (both are stored in database as indexed) and once that page key (page title) is entered, that particular page content comes out. That shows search engines work?

Page titles that interact directly to visitors in search results
On the other hand, titles interacts directly to searchers in search results and its common to judge best possible page by scanning page titles. Let me answer? Whenever you search for particular query and get back search results, you get ten (10) results but how you decide to visit any particular page among these 10 pages? Yeah, of course I too. So, it’s very clear that searchers scan page titles, and visit to that page which looks relevant to them (as relevant to their query keywords).

Page titles adds great value to search engine optimization and can boost search results to great extent. Always use page title for your every single post/page. And one thing to remember is that always provide a unique and different page title from other titles as it will give a new name to your site every time you add a new post/page. After some time (and content creation) you’ll see your site is getting vast amounts of traffic on most pages.

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