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What is Search Engine Optimization?

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2017)

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization (SEO), is the process of making (website so that search engines can find and trust that particular site) website or web page search engine friendly to achieve high page rank in order to get more, free, and natural traffic from search engines across the globe.

Common misconceptions about search engine optimization:
Search engine optimization generally defined very limited (I mean articles we see around us which generally says getting shown in top ten search results is SEO) while search engine optimization is a very huge industry in itself. Because being shown in top ten results does not guaranty that our website is totally SEO friendly. While chances of being shown in top ten results may be:

1. Search engines could not find that term being searched in any other webpage at present (may be found in future).
2. Your content is totally unique and other’s content not indexed yet (others will add that content later).
My question is, “When others put content on their websites why is your page still showing up”? Here comes SEO part which will show search results by taking care of many other factors like page rank, domain authority etc and so only SEO friendly websites will be shown up while others will get there places according to their score.

As you may have noticed that when ever we search for a particular query in search box (Google search box) we get back huge number of results generally hundred or thousands of pages while per page contains ten (10) records. These top ten records get almost 95% conversions , (Conversion means people go to these websites while Conversion will be discussed in more detail in later part) while remaining 5% are only converted when there is no useful information for the searcher in top ten results and that is very very rare.

Why is it rare to go to a second page for search results?
To put it simply, it’s because Google is much more efficient in their working when it comes to show us relevant records. Google’s indexing algorithm is much more powerful than other search engines and that’s the only reason people love Google and it’s so immensely popular.

So our focus is to capture that free traffic, but in more of an accurate way. Which then helps achieve our goals on a permanent basis rather than temporarily.

Search Engine Optimization
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