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Prerequisites of Learning Less

You don’t need much before you start learning Less. Basic understanding of CSS is enough to do the rest. On the other hand you need a compiler, which will be compiling our less code into CSS code. For that we have two best options, crunch and prepros. I’ll be suggesting prepros, just personal preference. Don’t worry both are totally free and you can download prepros from here simply go there and download prepros.

Once you completed the download, just open that .exe file and a windows alert will prompt. Just click on the OK button and you’ll see a new window like shown below:


Now just click on next button and another prompt will be shown:


Click on the “install” button and rest will be done in a while. Once installation completes, it shows installation complete window, then just click on the finish button and your installation is done. After installation just run prepros, once it starts it shows following screen window:


Simply click on the +Add New Project link in the bottom left of that window or drag your less folder to the window. In both ways you add your less folder to the prepros. After adding folder to prepros, you’ll see all your less files are shown in the left black side. Just click on the file you want to compile,  the right side of the screen shows an image like one shown below:


There are some options shown in the right side of above screen, you can choose which option you want to apply like I selected very first one which simply auto compiles my less code into CSS. Selecting your desired options click on the compile button, shown in the bottom right side of the screen, once pressed, it will generate a CSS folder in the same directory with the CSS file inside that folder with same name as of less file. For example if your less folder was placed in desktop, then your CSS folder will also be in desktop. And so all your CSS files will be inside that folder.

So, by now you are ready to dig deeper into Less. Please look at our other blog posts for tutorials about Less. You’ll be glad you did.

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