Correspondence Search

Last modified: January 19, 2016
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Correspondence Search

A correspondence search is available via Main Menu»Manage Agency»Correspondence search. It allows you to search for and output selected correspondence records from TrafficLIVE.

The Correspondence Search Screen

The Correspondence Search Screen

1. Context search — This allows you to search for tags that are attached to the correspondence record(s). You select tags to put in the Contexts field by clicking into the field and typing. Tags that match what you enter are displayed and can be selected as filters for searching by. Possible tags include Companies, Contacts, Jobs, Quotes, Staff, Babble, and any Freetags in the system.

2.  Date range for searching — This defaults to the date range of one year. You can edit this or leave it blank to return all results.

.  Results grid with columns as follows:

Subject — Shows the subject line of the record.

Entry date — Shows the date when the record was created.

Has To-Dos — Shows a checked symbol if there are to-dos against the record.

Number of To-dos — Shows the number of to-dos.

Has attachments — Shows a checked symbol if the correspondence record has documents attached to it.

Number of attachments — Shows the number of documents attached to the record.

Has been sent — Shows a checked symbol if the record has been sent (as an e-mail).

Last sent — Shows the date when it was last sent date (e-mails can be sent more than once).

Tags — Shows all of the tags that are attached to the record. TrafficLIVE assigns some tags automatically you can add others. You cannot save a correspondence record without any tags, even if all editable tags are removed before saving, the correspondence record is still be tagged with the name of the person who created it.

Unformatted Body — Shows the main content of the record as plain text.

Body — Shows the main content of the record, including formatting (a pop-up window displays the entry).

4. You can click Export to export the results grid as a standard .csv file, or click Output to output it as a .pdf file.



The permission that controls whether you can access the Correspondence Search tab is found under the Manage Agency set of permissions.

If you use restriction tags in your TrafficLIVE, when they use Correspondence Search, users do not see search results for any clients or jobs that they are restricted from seeing.

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