Lock Time Periods

Last modified: January 19, 2016
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Lock Time Periods

This functionality allows administrators of Traffic LIVE to select a time range and lock any timesheet operation within it. For example, you can prevent time submissions or alterations after a financial period has ended.

A video demonstrating this new functionality can be found here:


Set a Period for Time Locking

Set a Period for Time Locking

To set a period for time locking, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Menu »Admin »Locked Time.
  2. Click the New Row button.
  3. Enter values in the Description, Start Date, and End Date fields.
  4. Click Save.

You can also set a lock period by the number of days from the current date, rather than providing the start and end period dates.

5. Click the Locked Before or Locked After check box, depending on the requirement.

6. Enter the number of days, or use the arrows to increase or decrease the number of days.

7. Click Save.

The restriction(s) that you enter apply anywhere in the system where you can modify a time entry. For example, creating, modifying, and deleting timesheet entries are locked in the selected period(s).

NOTE: You can apply an “Ignore time restrictions” permission to a user account that circumvents the lock.

NOTE: The error column has a predefined set of errors that will be displayed based upon user date selections.

Appearance of Time-Locked Periods in Traffic LIVE

The My Calendar view of Traffic LIVE clearly highlights the locked period that a system administrator sets, showing the respective days highlighted with a diagonal red line across them.

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