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Social Media trends are growing year by year and now is the time to capture the wide amount of audiences available through social media. It is imperative for any businesses to have a presence on social media in order to validate their branding and increase sales.

Social Media is merely the only outlet where an organization can reach a large amount of users in a short amount of time and is usually the first tool where consumers look for validation of any business.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve results from Social Media activities and in order to achieve these goals, we make sure that our activities are efficient and focused on specific goals:

Business Goals

o   Awareness

  • Grow following
  • Boost engagement
  • Increasing Reach
  • Branding

o   Results

  • Increase Sales
  • Gain Business


Social media management can consume a huge amount of time, and people can get easily distracted by ‘feel good’ engagement which doesn’t really drive the business. Our team will use best practices and tools to make sure no time is wasted. Efficient have been put in place to create and curate content and schedule it to make sure your social networks are filled with compelling posts.

Key Business Metrics:

As we manage specific social media activity and experiment with different strategies and promotions, we’ll be able to see which tactics work. For example; what types of posts are generating the most engagement? At what times is your audience the most active? Analytics and metrics are core to developing an understanding of which activities are driving your business forward best.

Social Media Goals
While these are not the only social media goals, here are a few that we commonly target during engagements.

Grow social following and fan base:

Growing a following and fan base will help increase the reach for social media activities. It will increase the potential for virility to occur on popular posts, thus exponentially increases the audience for your messages.

Þ    The team I will build for you will create posts, marketing call-to-actions, and other ways to encourage fans to follow and like you.

Increase engagement:

A high quality, targeted fan base will be open to engage with you, but finding relevant posts and carefully planning an appropriate mix of promotional versus informative posts is critical to increasing engagement.

Þ    Your team will create and curate content which is engaging to your fans and encourage them to engage

Convert Fans Into Leads

Sometimes fans aren’t ready to buy just yet, but moving them along in your sales funnel is your goal. Encouraging fans to register / subscribe for a blog, free download, or event can grow your leads and increases their availability to you when contacting them later.

Þ    Your team will promote your lead generation, Product pages and links on social media.

Aquire Sales

Converting a social fan to a buying customer is the ultimate goal, and all of our activities are designed to move customers down that path. Special coupon promotions or sales on social media can lead to immediate purchases. Better yet, when people share their purchase activity, the sales can snowball.

Þ    We will promote sales, discounts, special offers that lead to purchases, and where possible, track sales resulting from social activities.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels.

Here’s a brief overview of the basic social media audit that is included in the social media audit checklist:

  • Profile information (name and URL)
  • Posting frequency
  • Follower count
  • Referral traffic
  • Channel specific metrics

Getting Setup & Optimization


These are highly recommended steps to maintaining & monitoring businesses social media.


Social Accounts and Pages Creation: – We will create social media pages for businesses if social pages are not present for businesses.

  • Adding Proper Cover Images
  • Adding Proper Profile Images
  • Adding Correct Business Information
  • Adding Correct Contact Us Business Information

Social Accounts and Pages Optimization & Management: – We will optimize businesses that have already created social media pages.

Checking complete social media pages business info. I not found, we add new info, if any errors are found we correct those errors.

  • Fixing social media pages & its logo


We are proposing the following types of activities for our joint endeavor, however, we understand that your social marketing needs are fluid and these activities will also need to be adjusted periodically.

Posting / Content Creation / Curation

We will create and curate content for posting to your social media pages, making sure that you get and stay in front of your fans and followers. We will determine the types (categories) of posts such as promotional, educational, informative, and or humor, that is working best for you particular audience.

Monitoring & Engagement

Social monitoring of all pages is a critical activity because fans require fast response to questions, comments, and complaints. Engagement activities could include Reply, Comment, Retweets, Follow, Like and other social actions. These are accomplished quickly and efficiently.


Regularly promoting your social media post to grow its reach, traffic and clicks that will help to get sales and strengthen branding.

Analytics & Reporting

It’s important that we are able to measure the results of our efforts, and whether you’d like insight into the level of detail we regularly review, or prefer weekly/monthly summaries, you can be confident that we strive for results, not just activities.

We will review your social media insights for monitoring metrics such as fan base growth, demographics, post reach, and engagement (retweets, likes, comments etc.). If we notice anything unusual, we collaborate to find solutions, and make adjustments accordingly.

Report Creation

We will create a summary report for your business, listing our activities and results for each pay period, which will clearly show the results of our efforts.